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Paul Stofer's Storm Chasing Website

My friend, mentor, teacher and chase partner Eric Nguyen passed away September 9th, 2007 at 1:55AM surrounded by friends and family after suffering a severe brain injury and complications. Eric was an incredible human being, meaning the whole world to so many people, especially myself. I am honored to have known Eric. Eric was quite possibly the most intelligent individual I have ever personally known. He cared so much about others, and had no sense of grandeur or knowing he was more accomplished or better than anyone else. Eric knew he was "famous", but didn't act as if he was. He was always the same normal, outgoing, down-to-earth individual he always was. You would never see Eric without a smile on his face. I'm sad to see him go, because I loved him like a brother. Eric was also the most remarkable storm chaser I have ever known. I feel lucky to have chased with him on multiple occasions, and I learned so much from him about atmospheric conditions as well as responsible storm chasing and weather observing equipment. I constantly think to myself, why Eric. Anyone but Eric. I constantly think to myself why such a wonderful person. Why do such horrible things happen to such great people. Thoughts constantly swarm in my head, as I'm sure they will for the rest of my life. Eric has an OU endowed scholarship fund in his name, as well as a book released and a tribute in Storms of 2007. Eric was a fighter all the way to the end. Amos Magliocco has compiled a great tribute page as well with many photos and video. I provided some of my photos of Eric to Amos, which are posted on his vast tribute page. With a broken and saddened heart I say I love you buddy, and I'll see you roaming the plains again one day. You were the most incredible person in the world, and will always be remembered as such in mind, in heart, and in soul. I know I'll see you again, and you will always be riding the storm right there with us. Farewell friend...


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Page last modified: November 30th, 2007