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RACES Civil Defense




Toyota 4Runner
Storm Chasing Vehicle

Paul Stofer's Storm Chasing Website

My current chase vehicle is a customized black 2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5. This vehicle is currently in process of being-upfitted with technology and equipment for future chase seasons. This 4Runner has the latest technology for storm chasing as well as Electronic News Gathering. This vehicle has the capabilities to perform "Rolling Live Shots". This vehicle can be mobile during a thunderstorm while broadcasting live feeds back to news media outlets. On board equipment includes Mobile High Speed Broadband Internet, live radar, ham radio and police scanners. This vehicle will have direct communications abilites to the National Weather Service via NWSchat and Amateur Radio. Also on board are mobile atmospheric sensing and logging equipment to include windspeed and direction, pressure, humidity, dewpoint and temperature. There are 2 camera systems on-board, one camera mounted to the windshield for digitally recording GPS location, speed, audio and video. The second camera is mounted to feed back live video for streaming and LIVE on-air television use.  You can view my LIVE vehicle camera by clicking HERE. Listed below is a detailed list on equipment used on this vehicle. More photos will be added as they are taken during the storm season.

Instrumentation and On-Board Equipment

  • Flatscreen tablets for data logging and acquisition, GPS mapping, Live Video Feeds

  •  Mobile High-Speed Internet for data gathering, ENG uses, communications, etc.

  •  Icom 2820H Digital Capable Dual Transmit Ham Radio with GPS

  •  Custom switches for emergency light system, weather equipment, and other electronics

  •  Mounts for live and recorded videography.

  •  Mesonet for real-time atmospheric data gathering

  •  Off-Road Recovery Systems for poor road conditions

  •  Basic Life Support equipment for EMS needs should the situation arise


Click HERE to view my previous chase vehicle from the 2001-2003 Chase Seasons

Click HERE to view my previous chase vehicle from the 2004-2006 Chase Seasons

Click HERE to view my previous chase vehicle from the 2007 - 2012 Chase Seasons